How do we fall in love?
Why do we break so hard?
Why do we go? ...Why would we stay?
What do we have? Why would we play?
Why find the door when lost the key?
Why seek the key and loose the door?
Ce poți face cu o ușă închisă?
...dar cu o cheie ruginită?
Why is this never ending why still bothering me?
- Ho-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum... And now, where to, lads? To Neverland? :))
- No, 'cause in there nothing ever ends...
- Then?
- To the end.
- Et puis?
- Et puis... Rien... :)
Abwarten und Tee trinken.
I shall say I don't, 'though I do. There was no cure.

P.S.: Îmi pare rău că n-am avut bani și de generic.
P.P.S.: Actually, it's because this is just the trailer of a private funeral.

It's because... Delta Charlie Delta, man.

"ma terreur dans un nom de code
delta charlie delta
le stromboscope de l'ambulance
delta charlie delta
la chanson de la mort qui danse"

- Sunteti poliglot, domnule?
- Nu, sunt roman...