Roci din Pluvial

Focul din pântece începe să pâlpâie,
Lumina seninului pătruns în cabală;
Nicicând n-a părut mai greu și mai dulce
Potopul de-afară...

Un ceas din mahon oftează-n fundal
Măsuri plin' de praf ș-amorțite
Curând vine timpul să poftim la bal
Elegii nerostite.

autumn stroll

"I beg you indulgence, my friend, for my soul is far from easy and my mind is filled with shadows - blinding my sight and darkening my thoughts, as these muddy, stormy waters alone seem able to carry all that bitter blood and rum", he found himself saying to Mr. T. as they got off the boat.

They walked along foggy streets in silence for a while, as though the absence of the moon seemed to wile them into rustling the leaves along the pavement, pulling tighter the collars of their coats against the wind and saying farewell as they reached the corner of Carey St with Serle.

The night was rather chilly.